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Kunming booking chef door to door service charge to be controlled in one thousand yuan

Date: 2017-07-04

Recently a reader to call our hotline, asked his time, the elderly birthday at the weekend, is there any network platform can a table about home cook cooking delicious meals.This is a fantastic?

Reporters found that in kunming to make an appointment the chef to cook it already exists, but only an acquaintance introduced such as tiny circles.Restaurant industry and technology companies, however, are very good net about chef door-to-door service, the prospect of existing technology companies in developing web about chef door-to-door platform.


Kunming has family cook door-to-door service booking

Ms li li that lives in garden of dianchi lake road villa at ordinary times full time at home with the children, "home is doing engineering, condition is good, there are three floors, kitchen design original also is bigger, enough table for ten people come to the table.Because work is busy, only the weekend can be around friends and family together.Home of the old man doesn't like the noise of the restaurant, outside like quiet family dinner.Find later on the Internet and found the home can cook almost no in kunming, is a friend's recommendation, about a familiar cooks every Saturday home to cook, food is sometimes cook directly buy, sometimes it is according to the requirement of the chef to buy home nanny, do all the dishes are children, older people like to eat at home, have two years time, need to cook the door, as long as the reservation in advance, convenient, save a lot of time for the life, from time to time can also learn from the chef burned several courses, experience."

White-collar na-na wang said: "normally work a bit busy, sometimes need to work overtime this weekend, do plan at home is often the case.Cooking time-consuming, in order to save time, also want to talk with family, friends will recommend the chef to cook at home.Every weekend for a, the menu in advance to tell him, the family sit together can enjoy a happy chef craft, the chef charged by door to door service charge is to look at the food, there are a lot of people when a service charge of 1000 yuan of ten dishes, five food when the person is little charge 500 yuan service fee.The old man think the service charge is high, but I think never leave home can enjoy the high-end restaurant dishes, such consumption is a quality."


Service fees range from several hundred to several thousand yuan

Constant according to the days hotel is responsible for the development of food diancai, creative master chef star is introduced: the chef in the kunming circles, in addition to some upscale office, canteen will be about the chef to cook, some condition good family started about chef door-to-door service, but the demand is not big, basic it is introduced by acquaintances.Time at the weekend, the two sides in the familiar situation, chef to door-to-door service, there is demand of customers are generally good economic conditions, the cook didn't have the ability to pay the service fee.Service range from several hundred to several thousand yuan, basically be to see food ingredients process and production methods to decide.Customer demand is not regular, usually is the service charge a service fee at a time.At present, the door-to-door service for the guest, two of the most popular dish is blueberry crisp lotus root and salad cream fan coil."In fact, the guest to the taste of the dishes to be picky, food also have ideas in it.Every time door-to-door service, will be as far as possible a new dishes, only the customer satisfaction, door-to-door service process makes sense."Star said.

Master Chinese veteran diancai Wang Leqing said: "the chef to cook is the demand of The Times, but from a professional point of view, customers home kitchen configuration and restaurants still have certain difference, such as temperature, which determines the product whether can do delicious dishes.At present, the chef door-to-door service for the customer is not a standard, basically all is invite you to a chef cook in the home, but the future will be the trend of network about the chef of the platform will also arises at the historic moment, but you need what qualifications, what service items, charging standards and how, whether the food hygiene safety, are worth thinking and discussion topics."

We have learned, in kunming, every time cook a door to door service charge in about 1000 yuan to 1500 yuan between, acquaintances are introduced, the door cook every week, delicate and delicious dishes requirements, pick up on the end table from washing and cook for every link to do, many clients are very picky, of course, absolute health food safety.


Network about the chef's era is coming

PM on the mobile phone APP, users only need to cook right booking order, select items they want, no food, will soon be able to achieve through the network.Kunming treasure kay technology co., LTD., has been committed to develop the APP application, food section is ya-ping Yang general manager want to try.Yang said: "the APP application software is company of China on the tip of the tongue with three years of development, currently in the testing phase, food section is also considering the needs of the consumers, network chefs and will be one of the content in the APP in the future.Opens at consumer APP section, there is a chef, dishes, fee, telephone, easily to help consumers never leave home can enjoy the food.At present, how to implement, how to make more and better chef to join the platform to provide services, also need to invest a lot of manpower, believe that with the passage of time, the net about the chef's era is coming."

Think about:

Still need to accumulate industry standards and norms

Yunnan food and the food industry association, vice President of Yang said that at present, the network about the chef does not have a professional industry requirements and standards, must be professional chef door-to-door service, from the chef's qualifications, training, fees, food, health and safety should be a specification.Actually, can through integration of resources, to build a platform for the cook, cook different price, so that customers enjoy the different services and food, the market must have demand in the future.

Yunnan pu green food safety association President, said: "the chef door-to-door service, whether food safety get effective safeguard, the source of the food is safe, these are all worthy of attention.How many consumers to accept, the cost of door to door service charge how many right, whether there will be a standard, is the need to accumulate."