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New kunming "night" appearance level around Beijing road, panlong river north and south landscape corridor

Date: 2017-10-12

Whether in Hong Kong movie, or, as it were, near the Victoria harbour 44 skyscraper collaboration between night lights, are Hong Kong city business card.And a lot of places in kunming after dark, is a bit dark.Yesterday, the reporter understands from kunming municipal bureau of comprehensive administrative law enforcement of urban management, during the year, will finish Beijing road, kunming panlong river landscape lighting along the ascension, through to the building, bridge, park, along the trails of lighting lighting, to build a new "night" in kunming.

Try the lamp

Dongfeng east road landscape area has change

Past during the National Day holiday soon, probably many people have noticed that whenever the night, the bunker near dongfeng square tower, tianheng hotel, zhiyuan building, China a square 4 tall word order of exterior wall, avatar has become a big screen.The screen, the roll play with different themes.But when walking in a caravan of tea ma gu, but when the thousand sails to compete sends pictures when zheng he's voyage;There is blue sky waving a red flag with five stars, and "my country" much, so the most ground network language.


Landscape piece range can realize "linkage"

"Dongfeng east road 4 towering buildings formed a large canvas, actually can be done by programming the animation content changes."Commissioner of kunming urban management bureau lighting Liu Guokun said, after the project is complete, can in four landscape area by remote control, realization of lights "linkage", at the same time complementary with other auxiliary lights to cooperate, build a new "appearance level" kunming area after dark.

Liu Guokun introduction, project construction process, in order to prevent light pollution, adopt the sectional type lamps and lanterns, light or light source installed grille, shade, cover, etc., effective control of lighting lamps and lanterns of shielding Angle.At the same time, also through structural components or accurate match light, light.

At the moment, the project is still in the process of construction, dongfeng square landscape area after the commissioning, no lights on every day.After the completion of the entire project, for saving energy, reducing the light impact on the surrounding environment, also to control the lighting landscape on time."General selection on Friday, Saturday, major festivals and events, with lighting enhance the vitality of urban landscape."

In the future

More than 20 bridge will now "a bridge a scene"

Besides along the building, more than 20 on the panlong river bridge, and the river walk, the park is also the two north-south corridor landscape beautification mainly part.According to the characteristics of different Bridges, some extract national elements, extract some modern elements, making landscape of "a view of the bridge, a bridge".At the same time, panlong river along the trails there will also be new lights lighting city furniture such as chairs.

In addition, in panlong river trees along the river, river edge, pillar install lamps and lanterns, in areas such as the sections of the road of the tall trees branch will also put some metal bird's nest.In public recreational river trail after a meal will replace part of the original street light, the new set up some new landscape lamps and lighting sketch, increase interest.At the same time, also considered according to the needs of citizens, considering the situation of the surrounding residents, a light time may be extended appropriately.

Lighting range

Dongfeng east road landscape area lights, only Beijing road, along the panlong river landscape lighting ascending part of the project.According to the conceptual scheme of kunming city government approval, Beijing road, panlong river landscape lighting renovation project of Beijing (kunming railway station to being the source section) along the road on both sides of the green belts, high-level (important) architecture, open space, etc., and the panlong river (south 2nd ring to north section) along the coast of high-level (important) building, river, bridge, revetment, parks, green space of the implementation of landscape lighting engineering.