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In the 1990 s star hotel in kunming "born again" the large number of star hotel or usher in "upgrade tide"

Date: 2015-12-20

"Walk quietly to the 30th floor, out through the window of the 30 overlooking, traffic in the city of kunming, panoramic view of hold up person the night lights, that is a lifetime, one of the most wonderful viewing experience."And that is wah plaza hotel to see kunming kunming's biggest joy.But who would have thought that, in less than 15 years in the past, has experienced too many changes in the 1990 s of the star hotel in kunming, or upgrade, or merger, acquisition and reorganization, or dismantled, or reconstruction.

Recently, the first four-star hotel in yunnan - kunming golden dragon hotel closed hand, let the kunming star hotel topic of "future" in the 1990 s, concern once again.And after a visit, the reporter sees, for once dominant location of star hotel, with good word-of-mouth, their "upgrade boom has come, and upgrade the driver also more charges;While many veteran star hotel, on the path of bankruptcy, or gradually disappear in the market.

The first four-star hotel in yunnan - kunming golden dragon hotel closed

"Because of the ready to start new construction, jinlong hotel in kunming by the research group company, I shop will be closed on June 15, 2014."In early June, jinlong hotel website, released a short word 38 so announcements.So lightly that besides to booking of the tenant, and few people know it will usher in a "big suddenly turn hostile" message.

Star hotel in the 1990 s will have "upgrade tide"

In fact, for kunming known star hotel in the 1990 s, jinlong hotel "regime change" is not the first, has been called "star hotel is the most densely populated road" Beijing road, a lot of hotels and jinlong, or were upgraded, or being put up for sale to other purposes.Such as jinjiang hotel in kunming, kunming wah plaza hotel in different time node, suffered the fate of the restructuring, reform and upgrade.And speaking of the star hotel in the early 1990 s, have to mention "expo 99".Why they will be in as little as 15 years, and with so many uncertainty and change.