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Helpless flower falls to kunming established luxury hotels most of the delisting curtain call

Date: 2015-12-24

In winter, the spring city also in layers of chill, for those who has a long history of the old hotel in kunming, seems to chill hit his farewell season.As kunming hotel will demolish rebuild news, international brands such as intercontinental, Hilton, shangri-la hotel occupancy aggressively, including jinlong hotel, sakura hotel, hotel, bunker camellia hotel and familiar with the name of the history, many established hotel in kunming have quit the historical stage, or been removed, or be renamed, replaced by a series of new name and construction with international color.Once hosted many memories of the old hotel in kunming, over time, has been drifting away with us.

To determine the status of tourism industry in the national economy in yunnan province in 1988, in 1999 successfully held the world horticultural exposition, greatly promote yunnan tourism awareness at the same time, also led to the rise of a series of hotel.At the core of kunming tourism pillar industry, development can be traced back to the hotel in kunming at the beginning of reform and opening up, before 1988, a total of eight hotels, and are all state-owned hotel.As tourists greatly increased and the government attaches great importance to, as of 1997, was born in kunming 32 star hotel, contains five four-star hotel.Is milestone in the development of hotel in kunming world expo in 1999, from 1997 to 1997, two years increased by 73 kunming hotel, a five-star hotel to six, with bunker hotel, harbour plaza hotel (later renamed le hotel), wah plaza hotel, tianheng hotel and a courtyard marriott group is relatively well-known, wah plaza hotel kunming, also was the highest buildings and landmarks.For a city, the new era is inevitable, and for the people living here, the building is like a era, a symbol of the indelible memory.After years of development, kunming hotel increasingly closer to high-end, fashionable and diverse, and constantly absorbing the international elements, has become a city kunming new labels.What is undeniable is that the replacement and reconstruction of every hotel, all closely contact with kunming city construction process, the two complement each other, jointly from a flank reflects the evolution process of kunming city development.